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Diabetes Canada

At the Stittsville District Lions Club, we are proud to support Diabetes Canada, a national organization dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by diabetes and promoting better health for all Canadians. Through our partnership with Diabetes Canada, we offer a range of programs and initiatives designed to raise awareness, educate, and support those affected by diabetes in our community.

One of our key initiatives is to provide financial support for local families to access diabetes education and other critical services. We also host fundraising events to support diabetes research and to raise awareness about the importance of healthy living and diabetes prevention.

In addition to our financial support, we also offer educational and awareness programs to help increase understanding about diabetes and how to manage the condition. We believe that knowledge is power, and by providing information and resources, we can help individuals and families affected by diabetes live healthier, happier lives.

Through our ongoing efforts, we are helping to improve the lives of those affected by diabetes in our community and beyond. We are proud to support this important cause and to work with Diabetes Canada to promote better health and well-being for all Canadians.

During November of each year, we participate in the Diabetes Awareness Month by decorating a spruce tree at the Village Street Park as well as well as our Lions Peace Arch in front of the Stittsville Lions Medical Center with  vibrant blue lights.

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