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Youth Services

Through our youth services program, we offer financial support to a wide range of organizations that provide programs and initiatives that benefit youth in our community. This includes support for sports teams, music programs, and other youth organizations that help to promote positive development, growth, and learning.


One of the ways we support youth sports in Stittsville is by providing team sponsorships to players enrolled in the Stittsville District Minor Hockey Association and the Goulbourn Ringette Association. Our sponsorships help to cover the costs of uniforms, equipment, and other expenses associated with playing on a sports team.

We have also supported the Goulbourn Middle School Band by sponsoring its members and helping to cover the costs of music lessons, instruments, and other related expenses. By supporting the band, we are helping to promote music education and creative expression among young people in our community.

Through our youth services program, we are proud to make a positive impact on the lives of youth in Stittsville. By providing financial support to organizations that deliver youth programs, we are helping to create opportunities for young people to learn, grow, and develop into confident, capable adults.

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