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Hall History

The Medical Centre and Lions Hall

Built 1979 - 1980

Building Committee

  • Lion Walter Kavangh

  • Lion Ted Martin

Building Funding

​Funds were raised by:

  • ticket sales on cars and 3 wheelers

  • dances

  • donations

  • walks

  • beer gardens (race track and ball tournaments)

Stittsville Lionettes were very active in supporting this project by working on all the fundraising projects and supplying the kitchen with dishes, pots and pans, silverware, a sound system, a stove, and a fridge.

Building Information

  • 3300 square feet

  • Houses 1 doctor, 1 dentist, and 1 chiropractor

  • Main Hall - kitchen, bar 2 washrooms, furnace room, and hall with 2050 sq. ft.

  • 1990 addition of:

    • 1220 sq. ft. rented to doctors​

    • 1200 sq. ft. Lions Den

  • 1994 reroofed building

Tradesmen who gave discounted work

  • Dunnigal Electric

  • Mills Plumbing

  • Bell Plumbing

  • Fazzino Electric

  • Fazzino Dry Wall

Contractors who provided free service

  • Morris Gibson - Excavation

  • G. E. Martin - Excavation

  • Capital Water Supply

  • Cavanagh Construction

  • Ferguson Trucking

  • Lounge finished by Lion Bernie St. John

  • Hall rentals for New Years parties, weddings, birthday parties, family get-togethers, stag and doe's, book sales, craft fairs, teen dances.

Donation of hall usage to the following groups

Church groups, girl guides, members usage, ball teams, hockey teams, registration for hockey, basketball, soccer, and for benefits for various reasons.

This very successful project has enabled the club to provide Health and Dental services to the community.

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